Highest Level of Education Completed

Data table with values from the U.S. Census Bureau Survey of Business Owners for 2012. The data shows the number of business owners and their relative percentages by the education level ranges of; Less than high school graduate, High school graduate, Technical school, Some college, Associate degree, Bachelor's degree, and Master's and above degree. This data is partitioned by the major races/ethnicities, White, Hispanic, Black/African-American, and Asian.

Businesses With Paid Employees

Of all of the business owners that reported, except those of Hispanic descent, most have either a Bachelor's degree or an Advanced degree. For Hispanic owners, the percentage was 36.5%.

Education Level White-Owned Hispanic-Owned Black-Owned Asian-Owned
Bachelor's Degree 29.3% 18.6% 25.3% 30.6%
Advanced Degree 22.2% 17.9% 30.9% 28.9%
Total for the 2 categories 51.5% 36.5% 56.2% 59.5%

It is interesting to note that across all races/ethnicities, the percentage of those owners with some college, but no degree, by far, exceeded that of those with an Associate degree.

Race/Ethnicity Some College but no Degree Associate Degree Variance
White-Owned 15.6% 5.5% 10.1%
Hispanic-Owned 16.8% 6.0% 10.8%
Black-Owned 14.0% 7.1% 6.9%
Asian-Owned 10.8% 4.6% 6.2%

Also, of note is the fact that across all races/ethnicities, the percentage of owners whose highest level of education completed was High School graduate or GED, exceeded the percentage of those who had some college, but no degree.

Race/Ethnicity High School Graduate or GED Some College but no Degree Variance
White-Owned 19.2% 15.6% 3.6%
Hispanic-Owned 22.4% 16.8% 5.6%
Black-Owned 14.4% 14.0% 0.4%
Asian-Owned 16.5% 10.8% 5.7%